National Trust East Riddlesden Hall
National Trust East Riddlesden Hall

What inspired me this week?

Small dishes of guacamole, whipped cheese and hummus with toasted bread on wooden board
Light lunch and a Sunday afternoon stroll in Ilkley

What happened this week?

Bike leaning on fence by side of road with fields and hills in the distance
Making the most of the summer by getting out for a bike ride before work every morning

What inspired me this week?

Colleagues from NHS England, NHSX, and NHS Digital all together in one remote meeting, reflecting on the emerging plan for urgent and emergency care (UEC) recovery, and the different ways that digital can help.

The UEC products show and tell from NHS Digital teams, covering everything from essential security upgrades…

Grass in front of sea wall with rocks and waves behind. In the distance two small stone buildings and a harbour wall
Back to work after two weeks by the sea

What inspired me this week?

I enjoyed getting back to work rested and refreshed after a two-week holiday. I came back determined to notice the progress colleagues are making and assume good intent even when I see behaviour that doesn’t make sense to me.

One piece of work I was involved in before I went…

A couple of weeks’ notes were left languishing unfinishished in my drafts folder, so this note covers 3 weeks, not the usual 1…

Cycled along the canal

The rush of meetings slowed down this week, as people started to head off on their holidays. This gave me the chance to properly read some documents…

Red brick, red tile-roofed 16th Century palace with garden including box hedges, grasses and flowers
The Old Palace at Hatfield House

A 4-day working week because I took Wednesday off to help my oldest son move between student houses. He and his housemates left their old house cleaner than they found the new one!

How am I focusing delivery to support system outcomes?

I joined my first Urgent and Emergency Care Recovery Oversight Group meeting. We’ll be reporting relevant digital…

Section of a 17th Century map of Florida and the American east coast
17th Century map spotted on weekend visit to Hatfield House

Objectives and milestones

I spent quite a lot of time this week thinking and talking about objectives — clarifying and wearing smooth some goals we set for ourselves, share with our colleagues, and intend to deliver for NHS staff, patients and the public.

One set of these are our “tier 1” deliverables —…

High yew hedges with a garden path running between them clipped into ball shapes at the top corners
Sunday afternoon visit to York Gate Garden, Adel

Listening to users

Thanks to digital urgent and emergency care colleagues in NHSX and NHS Digital for responding rapidly to my request to observe user research this week. It’s great to see how users are involved throughout design and development. This week in user research, I heard first hand from parents who recently…

Black cat lying on messy desk next to computer
The cat has taken to obstructing my desk when he thinks it’s dinnertime

Deep dives

Diane led deep dives on four initiatives in the Urgent and Emergency Care digital portfolio. I think I’m allowed to play the new kid card for a little while longer, and as an introduction to the key issues in each piece of work, I found all the sessions really helpful…

Paper reads “Appointment 2–2nd dose Site location Elland Road…” Behind it, Leeds United yellow, white and blue colours painted on brick
Never been a football fan, but delighted to make a second visit to Elland Road on Monday

A 4-day working week, fully back in the world of urgent and emergency care (UEC). I’ve been at NHSX for 2 months now, and am starting to get a sense of the portfolio and how things get done around here.

Start with why

I started the week with a working session on a…

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Service transformation director at NHSX, based in Leeds, UK. Views my own. Also at

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